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Here at The Body Lab, we specialize in EMS muscle training. A quick full-body workout that lasts just 20 minutes – including the cool down, a standard EMS training plan will see you hit the gym just twice a week and still see incredible results.

The Body Lab - Workout
The Body Lab - Workout
The Body Lab - Workout

Rapid Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

in Short Workouts That Fit Around Your Busy Lifestyle
The equivalent of 90 minutes of conventional exercise, EMS stimulates muscle fibers to promote rapid increases in weight loss, muscle growth, stamina, and in some cases running speed.

Your dedicated expert EMS personal trainer will walk you through the workouts, ensure you’re performing exercises correctly, and push you to achieve the results you desire.

The Benefits of EMS Personal Training

Full-Body Workout
Burns Body Fat
Improves Posture
Builds Muscle Size
Extends Stamina
Enhances Muscle Tone
Increases Flexibility
Accelerates Injury Recovery
Relieves Joint Pain
Time Efficient
The Body Lab - Workout
EMS training will help you lose fat, eliminate cellulite and tone your muscles in a fraction of the time it would take you at a conventional gym.
Get a full-body workout while targeting specific muscle groups, strengthen your core efficiently, improve your stamina and prevent injuries thanks to our variety of low-resistance programmes.


“Focused and time-efficient training with proven results. EMS is the future of working out!”

Why Choose The Body Lab

We welcome everyone

Your own personal trainer

State of the art facilities

Tailored training programs


The Body Lab Testimonial

“Who knew that fitness training could make you feel young again? I sincerely have never felt this good. Pretty soon, I am going to be getting a whole new wardrobe to celebrate the new me! Thank you for breathing fresh air into my life!”

The Body Lab Testimonial
The Body Lab Testimonial
“Thank you for not letting me quit when I wanted to or go easy when I was tired. You believed in me more than I believed in myself. Now I believe and there is nothing that beats that feeling. I owe that to you. Thank you!”